Thursday, September 8, 2011


P Kellach Waddle

De Salones Espanoles: From Spanish Halls -- Caprice for solo Contrabass in G Minor

Yep, that's the name of that classical piece of music right there. It pretty much sums up the tone and mood of my book Three Black Swans. It's random, a little creepy, weird, and somewhat sketchy. It was difficult to find a piece to match the tone of this book, because the way people interpret music is always different. I found this piece though, and it seemed to go perfectly with my book. When I first listened to this i got a weird feeling, just like when i read my book, what a coincidence! The dramaticness of the music really captured the essense of this book.
The randomness is showed in my book because a girl just decides to create a hoax that her cousin is her twin when she was supposed to do a hoax with a group. Then it gets creepy because as a reader you wonder if they really are twins and then it gets confusing. Then the book drags on and on then out of nowhere it starts talking about a completely different girl named Genevieve. Complete randomness then turns really weird because then you find out that she is the two girls triplet. Then when the girls parents start to notice something they start acting all weird like they are hiding something... pretty sketchy stuff. Overall i think this piece of classical music right here and my book were made for each other, like a match made in heaven.

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  1. When listening to this song, I can totally see how you can connect it to Three Black Swans. The song is intense and deep, like the feelings of the girls with all of the curiosity they have inside. I also enjoy your interesting titles that you have for each posts. They're very silly and fun, which fits your personality! :) Keep the silly titles up, I always look forward to see what you come up with next.