Thursday, September 1, 2011

el blog post dos.

So, there's this girl named Missy.. (^ that's not her though.. )

and she has a cousin named Claire..(^also not her)

they are both 16

& they are total BFFS

Missy is doing a biology project where she has to create a hoax.


She wants Claire to pretend to be her long lost twin.

Missy's school news has a segment on the girls


the hoax worked and everyone was like ^

then they we're all like ^ (cheering) "yay you found your long lost twin!"


Claire wonders if they could actually be twins

the news spread to Claire's school

the video was put on YouTube without the girl's knowledge

a black swan is a symbol in the story


then there's this girl named Genevieve

her parents don't spend much time with her

so she's really close with her grandma

her friend shows her the YouTube video of Missy and Claire

her face looks like ^ after she sees the video

Missy and Claire looked exactly like Genevieve

Genevieve was completely confused

the 3 girls are the three black swans

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