Monday, August 29, 2011

my totally uncreative blog title (:

Hi, my name is Abbie. I'm 16 years old. I am a Varsity cheerleader and i also participate in Freshman Mentors and Student Council at my school. I'm a very outgoing and sarcastic person. I LOVE awkward moments. I try to find something fun in every situation I'm in. I apologize in advance for any weird things i may put up here... and.. uhh.. just a heads up.. i try to make myself sound smart by writing big words.. but it usually doesn't work.. so i'm actually not as stupid as i sound.. (: This is my first time ever creating a blog, so I'm figuring out how all of this works. I'm not really a big reader, i don't enjoy reading that much unless it's a book that is really in my interest level. My interest level in books usually involves teenage drama.  Like many other 16 year old girls, I love the Twilight Series. One of my favorite authors is Sarah Dessen, she writes all sorts of books about teenagers and what happens in their lives, I usually get hooked on her books by the second page. My all time favorite book though, would have to be Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen, it is about a girl whose best friend got pregnant by her boyfriend and right after she found out, her boyfriend was killed in a motorcycle incident.

In my English 3 class we are doing an assignment that involves the program called Read for a Lifetime. (Can you feel the excitement?!) This program has a list of 25 books and we choose a book to read and blog about every quarter. At first I wasn't very thrilled about doing this assignment, but after reading the summaries of a couple books I have found some that i wouldn't actually mind reading. The first book i choose is called Three Black Swans by Caroline B. Cooney. This book is about two girls that are best friends and they also happen to be cousins. They live about 20 miles away from each other. When one girl has a biology assignment to create a hoax and convince everyone to believe it, she decides to ask her cousin to pretend to be her twin and they would tell everyone that they just discovered each other. It wouldn't be that hard for people to believe after the dressed up exactly alike and they already resemble each other. What they didn't expect was that they are actually twins that were separated, so the hoax that they created turned out to be true. I chose this book because after reading about it I thought it would be quite interesting to read. It would be dramatic enough to keep my attention, and when I read a book I think about what it would be like if i was the main character in the book, and when i did that I wanted to read this book.

I think that some creative ways to do different blog posts in this class would be more fun to blog about. One of the things i think we should do is wherever everyone stopped in their book, to create the next scene and write about it, so they can gather everything that has happened before this point and make up what will happen next. I think that it will get every ones creative minds thinking and it would be fun to see what different things people can come up with. I also think that we should summarize what we've all read after each week so we can always look back to our blog to refresh our memory because there are always some parts that you forget. My last suggestion would have to be to put ourselves in the main characters shoes and blog about what we would do in that situation, how we would feel, and how we would handle it.