Thursday, September 15, 2011

my interesting, inquisitive, & insightful comments to my classmates (;

Comment to Stevie Dailey:
Stevie, you're blog is really interesting. Your pictures post make me better understand the book. Your book also looks like something that i would maybe like to read. How interesting is it to you? Do you think I would like it? I was actually thinking about reading that book next. Can't wait to see the rest of your blog so I can read more about the book! I also like the way your blog is decorated (: looks like mine! Oh! one last thing... you were supposed to actually post your comment on my blog... not just on yours.. haha Mrs. Hayes told me to tell you that (:

Comment to Hannah Gray:
Hannah! I think you did an awesome job relating this song to the book. Since we are both reading the same book I like how I can see your point of view on it. I think we both see it differently in some ways and the same in others. Your pictures explain the book perfectly! I'm looking forward to seeing your blog when it's all done so we can see how alike and different ours are! keep up the good work (; haha OH! and by the way... we're like the coolest people ever because we're reading this book... so uh yeah... bye (:

Comment to Michael Wilkison:
Well Wilky, your blog looks pretty spiffy. Even with your small amount of pictures i can totally get the feel of your book. I also think that you explained the piece of classical music nicely. Can't wait to see your blog when it is finished! Your blog titles make me laugh.. haha I love the sausage link title. Incorporating (that was a big word... (: ) humor with your blog makes it that much better to read. One last thing... your snack pack background is LEGIT. I want you to help me get an apple juice background por favor! thanks (:

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