Thursday, September 29, 2011

la.. la.. la.. links! i know... i'm cool.

In my book one of the main characters is Missy. Missy is from Connecticut. This URL is to a page all about Connecticut with pictures also so you can see the setting when the book talks about Missy.

This URL is a link to a website all about New York. It shows pictures and talks about what there is to do in New York. Claire and Genevieve the other two main characters both live in different parts of New York in the book, so you can see what their life is kind of like.

This link is to a page that has information all about Westchester County, New York. This is the town that Claire is from. So you can see even more what the setting is when it talks about Claire.

This link is to a page about Long Island, New York. In the book, this is where Genevieve and the 3 girls birth parents live. All the characters in the book go there at the end, so you can see the pictures on the page and get a better feel of the setting.

This link is to the author of my book, Caroline B. Cooney's website. It talks about her life and all the different kinds of books she's written. Once you read about the author of a book I think it makes it easier to understand the book from their point of view.

This link is to the definition of the word hoax. The whole story of my book is started because of a hoax. If you don't know what that is, you would probably be lost the entire book, so it's a good definition to know (:

This link is to a blog posted by a woman who has her own set of triplets. Since the book is about triplet girls I think having this woman's point of view would help to better understand the book. This woman actually kept hers though instead of the family in the book.

This link is about adoption. In the book the girls all wondered whether they were adopted. In the end only 2 of them were, understanding the process of adoption would help to understand the book.

This link talks about private adoptions. The adoption in the book was considered a private one. The legal one was at least, as the other was an illegal adoption.

This link is about the black swan theory. This theory is talked about multiple times throughout the book. Understanding the theory helped me understand the book a lot better.

This link is to a page about multiple births. This whole story is based off of a multiple birth. So this link is just a little background information on how 3 identical babies can be born at once.

This link is to a YouTube video about triplets. These three adult triplet girls are all pregnant and around the same time. This is just an example on how alike identical siblings can be.

This is a link to a page about triplet telepathy. In the book there were times the girls wondered if they were thinking the same thing, then they realized they were. This article talks about real tests given on triplets that prove that there are phsycological connections between identical triplets.

This link is to an actual article about an illegal adoption. In the book you find out that Missy's adoption was not legal. It wasn't like the one in the article but it shows you how difficult the process of adoption can be.

This link is to a short and sweet summary of the book. It's just one of those things you can read to get the feel of the book and see if you will like it or not before you actually read it. You can also buy the book from this website, so if it looks interesting to you...why not? (:

This link is to an article about two real life identical twins who were separated at birth. At the beginning of the book, Missy and Claire thought they were twins and they had no idea about Genevieve. This article is a lot different from the book because it has to do with the twins being separated for an experiment that they didn't find about about until they were adults.

This link is to another page about identical siblings separated at birth. The first set of guys were separated named the same name, married, divorced, and re-married women with the same name, had a dog with the same name, and named their sons the same names. This shows how alike identicals are even if they don't know each other.,,20077622,00.html

This link is about 3 college boys who find out they are triplets. This article is very similar to what happened in the book. When I read this article it seemed like it could almost be a sequel to Three Black Swans. This just comes to show you that the dramatic things that happen in books can actually happen.

This link is to a page about an adoption that seems to be becoming more common these days. One couple "adopted" the other couples child as it was a frozen embryo. This page just shows how many different forms of adoption there is.

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