Sunday, February 26, 2012

Last blog of the quarter!

custom imageSo this will be my last blog post about my 3rd quarter book The Sky is Everywhere. This book had a lot going on in it. The way it opened up was just kind of in your face, where Bailey's mother had left her and her sister was dead. I would expect that to come a little more into the book not right on the first page. I chose to read this book because some of my friends had read it and they said they really enjoyed it. To me the book was kind of disappointing. I guess I just couldn't really get into it like my friends had.

In all honestly, I just didn't like my book this quarter. It wasn't that it was a bad book. It just wasn't my taste. There were things in the book that bothered me. One example being Bailey had a "thing" with her dead sister's boyfriend. I might be going too far on that considering it's only a book, but that was just something that popped out for me and I didn't like it. I'm supposed to keep this blog positive, so I will end it with saying, it is a well written book, just not a book for me. Depending on what you enjoy, you should read this book and see if you like it!

Have you read this book before?
Do you completely disagree with me?

animoto... (i have no creative titles for today ): )

So here is my animoto for my 3rd quarter book., The Sky is Everywhere. There's not very much information I can put about the book in there because there is a time limit. (boo!) But this short little video pretty much sums up the main points of the book. Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

links are cool...

This is a link to a page about coping with the loss of a sibling. In the book Lennie, loses her sister Bailey. Looking at this page could give you insight on what Lennie is going through.
The author of my book is Jandy Nelson. This link is to her website that includes her biography and about the books she's written. Looking at her website could help you understand her writing and understand her book even more.

In my book, the main character Lennie's mother left her when she was a baby. This link is to a comment page on people who give each other advice on what they should do without their mother. Reading these comments could help the readers better understand on what Lennie is going through without her mother.

Lennie was always writing poems on random things in the book. This is a link to a page with all sorts of poems where you can also enter your own. Reading the different poetry could help you understand why Lennie wrote all these poems.

In the book Lennie is involved in a somewhat weird love triangle with her dead sister's boyfriend Toby, and the new guy at school Joe. It can get pretty confusing for Lennie throughout the book. This link is to a page that explains what a love triangle is so you can see what Lennie is dealing with.

This link is to a review page of my book. It has a review and comments from other readers on their opinions of the book. The review can give you a feel on what the book will be about so you can see if you're interested in it before you read it.

Lennie plays the clarinet and she is very fond if it. This is a link to a page all about clarinets. Looking at this can help you better understand what it's like for Lennie to play one and how it helps her get away from everything.

How do you think I did on this blog?
Did anyone else read this book that has any suggestions for more links I could add?
Comments would be appreciated!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

another sparknotes blog.. exciting isn't it?

Sparknotes, googling book summaries.. we all do it. It's okay, you don't have to lie about it. It may be the easiest solution if you don't understand a book and you need someone to dumb it down for you. You don't catch every single detail of the book, but you get the main ideas which is needed for the quizzes and tests the teachers give. (Yes i said it, you know you were thinking it). Teachers hate it, students love it. But in the students defense, I've seen some teachers use it as well. Everyone is guilty.

That right there is a link to a blog someone posted. It just happens to be a blog about the summary of the book I happen to be reading. I didn't read it of course. I don't want to spoil it for myself. I am actually reading my book, well trying at least. My book seems to have a lot of emotion. All of which I would miss out on if all I did was read the summary of it. So as hard as it seems to all readers, you should actually read your book and not use sparknotes. (Except on A Tale of Two Cities.. that book confused me..)

Be honest, have you ever used sparknotes or any other summaries of books so you didn't have to read them?

Do you think you missed out on the main points of the book?