Thursday, January 19, 2012

blog block blog... say that 5 times fast.

Second blog of the quarter, and I already have blog block. This is going to be a long quarter. To be completely honest I still haven't gotten that far in my book. This is probably the main reason for my bloggers block. I don't know much that has happened in my book so I have no idea what to blog about! My book is starting out slow and not much has really happened so far. Because of this, here I am blogging, about blog block, as I have blog block. Are you as confused as I am?

Each of our blogs are required to have media, so ^ there's mine! My media is a link to a page about blog block. It has 10 tips for beating the block. The so called definition of bloggers block is when a blogger doesn't have any idea what to write about. Once it strikes you're just sitting there staring at the computer screen, trying to come up with ideas in your head of what to type. It can happen to even the best bloggers, just as writers block happens to even the best writers. So my link to the page about the 10 tips can really help a blogger in need, and prevent you from committing blogicide. (< new term? I think so!)

Have you even had block block?
What did you do about it?
Do you have any advice for the bloggers who experience blog block?
Comments greatly appreciated! 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I'm blogging while it's snowing? what?

New year, new quarter, new book. Whoo! For the 3rd quarter blog, I chose the book The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson. I chose this book because one of my friends said it was good and I figured I would give it a try. This quarter our blogs have more freedom so I have to be more creative. Not to be negative or anything, but I am not a creative person whatsoever. I actually liked the semi-structured blogs better like the ones we did last quarter.When I try and be creative it will usually be me attempting to be funny but it's only funny to be and everyone else will think I'm weird. I want a good grade though.. so here is goes!

  I haven't gotten very far in this book yet, only to about page 30. Surprisingly, it's pretty good so far. I can already tell what the storyline is going to be like (and no I didn't just read the back of the book to see this). The main character is a seventeen year old girl named Lennie. In the beginning of the book, it announces that her older sister Bailey had just died for weeks earlier. So in the first couple sentences you're already wondering how it happened. She also hasn't had contact with her mother for sixteen years. She returns to school after a month of absence due to her sister's death. When she comes back there is a new boy. I have yet to find out what happens next. Hopefully this book stays as interesting as it has first started out.

Has anyone else read this book?
What did you think of it?
Did you like it?
Feel free to comment and give me your opinions!