Tuesday, May 1, 2012

saran wrap. you salty? but it's actually a link up


This link is to Sarah Dessen's page. She is the author of my book, and also one of my favorite authors. This page shows all of her books and her bio. By knowing the author, this link could help the reader better understand the book.


This is another link to Sarah Dessen's page. This one is her words about What Happened to Goodbye. This link could help the reader get to know the book more before they actually read it.


This is a link to a page that has book reviews. This book review is on my book What Happened to Goodbye. Reading other readers reviews on the book could help you understand the book. It could also help you decide if you want to read the book or not.


I know what it looks like.. a random link to a recipe to fried pickles. Well it is. In my book, the main character's dad owns a restaurant and when he gets there he changes the main appetizer to fried pickles. When I read about the friend pickles it made me want some, so if it's the same way for you, you can go to this page and learn how to make them!


This is a link to a page that explains the game of basketball. In the book,  Mclean and her dad used to love the Defriese basketball team. That is until her mom left her dad for the coach of the team. This link could help the reader just get a better understanding of the game so they can understand some of the things that Mclean and her dad talk about. 


This link is to a page that explains community service. It lists the different reasons for people to do community service as well.In the book, Mclean's neighbor, Dave, got caught underage drinking so he had to take part in a community service project. Understanding what community service is could help the reader understand why Dave is participating in it.

Have you ever read this book?
Are there any other things I should have linked about?

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