Thursday, March 22, 2012

4th quarter! so close to summer...

So this quarter I chose a book by Sarah Dessen called What Happened to Goodbye. This book is actually kind of long.. well at least to me. I chose this book for two reasons. One, Sarah Dessen is my favorite author. Two, there were no other books on the Read for a Lifetime list that fit my preferences. I'm too picky. Anyway I'm only about 15 pages into the book so far. It's any easy read but probably one of those books that only a girl would want to read. A guy could read it.. but they would just complain about it most likely. Even thought I'm not that far into it yet, I already know I'll like it. Every book of Sarah Dessen's that I have read I have liked. So i have no doubts about this one. So if you like Sarah Dessen and you want to read this, the book looks like that. (: >>

So from what I have read so far, the main character in this book is a girl named Mclean. She lives with her dad and they just recently moved to a new town. Her mom and dad are divorced because her mom fell in love with the coach of their favorite basketball team and married him. Mclean stayed with her dad because she felt as betrayed as he did. Her and her dad move around a lot and each new place she moves, she creates a different personality. She switches her name around and acts like a totally different person. When they move to the newest town she decides to just be herself and use her real name. The problem is, she doesn't quite know who the real Mclean is until...(wait for it...) she meets a boy. Shocking right?

Has anyone else read this book?
What did you think about it?
Have you read any other Sarah Dessen books?
Which one was your favorite?

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