Sunday, May 6, 2012

i found bubble wrap.. I am a happy girl. (:

This is the cover of my book, looking at it for the first time I wasn't quite sure what the book was about. It didn't quite go along with the title. Soon into the book though you realize what the cover means.

Mclean's mom and dad are divorced.

Her mom then marries the coach of their favorite basketball team.

Then her mom had twins.

After the divorce, Mclean stayed with her dad because she was angry with her mother for what she did to him. Her mother tries reaching out to her throughout the entire book but Mclean tries her hardest to push her away. She didn't really want anything to do with her.

Moving around so much, Mclean never got to really get to know people. Each place she moved she made a new name for herself and had a totally new personality from the last place. The place shes in in the book, Lakeview is the only place she's used her real name.

When Mclean first gets to their new house there was a boy in their backyard, and when he saw her he smiled at her and ran across the street. She later went to a party next door and when the cops came, she ran and got pulled down under a house by someone to avoid getting caught drinking. It was the same guy who turned out to be her neighbor, Dave. They become really close in the book, and you can see that they have feelings for each other.

Her father is the head of a restaurant called Luna Blu. He comes in and makes a lot of changes to the restaurant that upset a lot of the workers. The biggest change is taking away their famous rolls and replacing them with fried pickles. They turn out to be a big hit with all the customers, and after the big ordeal Mclean reveals to one of the workers that her dad doesn't even like pickles.

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  1. Hi Abbie, I'm Sarah Przybyla from Fremd High! I thought that this was a really good blog post, and I like how you gave a summary of the book through pictures, instead of just writing it out. You made the book sounds really interesting!