Thursday, December 8, 2011

letters about literature.

Dear A.S. King,
In my junior English class, we are participating in Read for A Lifetime. Your book Please Ignore Vera Dietz was the book that I chose to read. We read one book a semester and make blogs posts each week about the book. Our last blog post for this semester is to enter in the Letters about Literature contest and post it to our blog. This is the reason I am writing this letter to you.
Your book was probably one of the most interesting books I’ve ever read. Since it was a book about a teenagers life and the struggles she went through, it was easy to connect. Although I’ve never been in the same situation as Vera, I can picture myself in her situation. Every teenager in high school can connect to Vera in some way, how she had a best friend and they drifted apart. Also there are always people who don’t like you in high school. Unlike Vera, a close friend of mine has never died. Reading the book, I imagined that I had lost one. When someone just thinks about that sort of thing it makes them upset, as it did me. I noticed in the book that Vera never really opened up to anyone and talked about her feelings for Charlie. She mostly keeps to herself, and bottles up her feelings until she’s alone. I can understand that because sometimes I am like that as well. Vera’s confidence in the book inspired me. She never let the words and actions of the “detention heads” get to her. Which made me realize you shouldn’t really care what other people think of you as long as you like who you are. Your book also showed me that you shouldn’t take anything for granted. Grudges shouldn’t be held against the people that you care about. It kind of opened my eyes because I am the kind of stubborn person who will hold a grudge against someone for as long as I can. I realize after reading your book that that is a terrible thing to do. You should always resolve things with people because an argument that you’re having could be the last time you speak or even see the person, because they could be gone in a second. The thing that surprised me the most about myself while reading this book would have to be that I actually thought about it and tried to connect it to my own life. I put myself in the story with the people in my life as the characters and thought about what I would do if this actually happened to me. I could actually feel emotion while reading this book as well. Usually I don’t care much about books and I can never really connect to them as I did to your book. It may seem weird but your book actually taught me something about myself that I should change the way I act sometimes. Thank you for writing this amazing book.
            An inspired reader,
                        Abbie Weil

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