Thursday, November 10, 2011

21st century english classroom... #real talk

My feelings toward the activities we do in a 21st century English classroom? I actually like what we do in class. Blogging, facebooking, and fremdenging. I'm not a tweeter... can't figure that thing out ): But anyway, the activities we do are easier for us. It's not like a blow off thing because we still have to do the work which we do in the blogs, but then we get extra credit for just posting our blogs to facebook and twitter. Easiest extra credit ever? I think so. Writing 5 paragraph analysis papers over books is old news now.. Everyone hates that. So I like that we do something different than the normal English classroom. I think interacting with another school across the state is something new and interesting. The text of the books are so much easier to understand this way because you can do different things with the blogs like the picture blog, link up, vlog and so on. So not everyone has to think the same exact way. I would hate having to read the book aloud in class. That would mean that everyone would have to read the same book, everyone has different taste so that usually doesn't work out. Also I enjoy my new book it's one of those books that you don't want to put down. So i can keep my own pace with my reading and don't have to worry about being ahead of anyone in class like I would if we were reading it aloud in class. Blogging= good (:

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  1. Abbie,
    Very solid blog post. I chose this one also, because it lets you explain what your feeling and lets the teacher know what you think of the things we do too. You have very good points when talking about how what we do in our English class with Mrs. Hayes effects us and your not afraid to point out the things everyone else is too shy to say. Such as when you talk about the typical five paragraph essay and when all students must read the same book. It is true that everyone has different taste so those books never tend to please everyone. I'm glad that you are as in to your book as I am into mine. I had a lot of trouble putting my book down and I finished reading it much faster than I usually do finish books. As for critique, I never see anything serious from you. Not that it's a bad thing but maybe it would help you a little. It must just be your personality. I think you could definitely broaden your points and lengthen the post as a whole. Lastly, you are really good at asking yourself questions! Maybe a little too many for one post silly. Other than that though, I love the points you make. Keep up the honesty!