Thursday, October 27, 2011

Creeping & commenting on my classmates.

To Zach Tripp:
Zachary! I got a better grade than you on the first quarter blog (: Are you jealous? You know you are. I liked your blog for first quarter though. You should put more personality into your blog for this quarter though. Since I'm sitting like one person away from you right now, and I've known you since like 2nd grade I know you're funnier than what you make your blog seem to be. Adding humor to the blog will make it easier to read. Just a little constructive critisism don't be butthurt. (: I see you're reading that book about a monkey, monkeys are cool. So that means you better have some cool blog prompts this quarter. I'll be creeping on your blog every once in a while to see if they're legit. it big bro. Nice blog. :D

To Michael Wilkison:
Wilky... reading "Goodman Richard lord praisin Ketter" 's comment, and your blog... makes me realize i associate myself with weird people... haha. Well, since you "me gusta" blogging, I'm assuming you got a good grade? You told me your score but I forgot... whoops. Your blogs entertain me, especially the titles. You just told me I better be constructive. So... um... work harder, make your blog even funnier... you're slacking. By the way... "fish-craving rednecks?" I resent that. I don't like fish. It's icky. K bye.

To Stevie Dailey:
Dear Steven, I applaud your acceptance of your first quarter blog grade. I am oh so proud of you. You are correct it is all a learning experience! & we both know how long it takes both of us to learn... hahaha especially new cheers. Oops! off subject. My apologies. Is this comment weird? Are you still going to be my friend? You have to. But here's some constructive criticism, you haven't finished all your sentences.. might want to get on that man.. If it helps, I liked your blog from last quarter. (: But guess who got a 98%? ME :D Better step it up this quarter! I'll cheer you on. GO STEVEN! yes that is your name. (: bye.

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